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You know those TV screens you see installed in more & more public areas like stores, restaurants, above gas pumps, food menu boards & lots of other places. Well, that’s called Digital Signage. Digital Signage is used typically to inform or advertise. There are major benefits for digital signs over traditional static signs, including the ability to update content remotely over the web, adapt the screens to your viewers and even interact with your local audience.  The purpose of DISI EASY is to let you advertise and display your product easily, giving you the power to change contents in a minute, without a specific engineer skill. All you need is a common Computer or even a Tablet. DISI EASY let you bring your message everywhere with you. You can use it in fairs, during special events, as menu of the day in your restaurant, in your SPA center and much more. Anywhere you require a Digital Signage you can count on DISI EASY.

Easy to use

If you want to add or manage the products to advertise you can just change the data in the excel file, and save it. Next time the data is refreshed your changes are reflected on screen too, Simple!

Everywhere at your side

DISI Easy let you bring your message everywhere with you. You can use it during fairs, special events, as menu of the day in your restaurant, in your SPA Center and more. Wherever and whenever you require a Digital Signage you can count on DISI Easy.


DISI Easy can be modified and customized according to individual or personal specifications or preference. Just let us know and we will get it done!



Choose your plan and contact us to setup your DISI Easy platform TODAY!


Start to create your Advertisement within minutes just editing an excel file!


Save your file in a click and see the results live in few seconds on all devices as TVs, Tablets, Mobile devices and Computers.

04 / SHARE

Share your Advertisement campaign over your social media, newsletter or mobile devices and TVs to actively engage with your customers.

Products are displayed using a normal web browser. Depending on your subscription plan, you can have multiple type of display. The default mode is the Product Slider mode, where your products are displayed one after another using an automatic slider or sliding by the user. Another optional display mode is a list mode all in one page. DISI EASY can be used anywhere with any device with a browser. You can use DISI EASY either to advertise on premises using TV, monitors or tablets, but also directly reach your customers at the same time sending them the public address of your products.

Once the advertisements are displayed on screen, DISI EASY do not require anymore an internet connection, it can display your products also offline! An automatic check/refresh of the products list is done only when the internet connection is available again. This is mostly useful when you want to display your campaign on TVs and your TV have a limited internet connection. You just need the connection to load the products and then disconnect the line.


On mobile devices a Call Now button is present so that your customers can easy make a call in order to book your product or just ask a question. Just in a CLICK&CALL!


A very beautiful list of customisable icons allow you to better identify your products to attract your customers. Special food can be labeled as  vegetarian or vegan, or communicate what kind of meat it is, pork or beef. Wineries can detail the regions or type of grapes of their wines.  Fashion industries can specify the fabric materials as Silk or Cotton. Your icons are not present? We can create them for you!


All you need to start advertising your products with DISI EASY is an Internet connection, an editor for Excel document (MS Excel or compatible) and a browser (Google Chrome preferred latest version). The platform relies on an open source technology and all the data are stored into an Excel document. Data are displayed on screen using a web browser. Optionally if you want to display the advertisement on a TV, and your TV does not have a browser (included into the most recent smart TVs) you may need our Android Set Top Box that will transform your normal TV into a Smart TV.


Quick Service Restaurants, food and beverage

DISI EASY creates dynamic and attractive digital menu that grab your audience’s attention and will give your business a competitive advantage. With our software, making nationwide menu and price adjustments is a breeze, allowing for constant and instant display board updates. DISI EASY will eliminate the need to print and distribute static signs each time your menu changes to save you those costly printing and distribution fees.

DISI EASY can help your business in many ways from enhancing your brand, scheduling your promotions during peak periods, managing your signage from a central location to increasing cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.


  • Increase your sales per customer by cross-selling and up-selling
  • Influence your patrons’ decision making by promoting your daily menu specials
  • Change your pricing and menu offerings remotely, easily and in minutes
  • Easily test your promotions and price points
  • Display nutritional information requirements
  • Decrease your printing costs

Health Care & Beauty Centers, SPA Centres.

Healthcare providers today are increasingly expected to promoted wellness, not just heal the sick and many face daunting budget challenges. Digital signage can help patients and providers alike by…

  • Promoting your products and services
  • Helping shorten perceived wait times while curbing patient anxiety through entertainment
  • Sharing important information about registration, financial assistance and privacy
  • Guiding visitors through large hospitals using way finding functions
  • Conveying wellness tips to help patients improve their health
  • Generating revenues through the sale of appropriate advertising
  • Cross-promoting higher-profit, optional services that offset vital, but money-losing services
  • Informing employees about training details, safety issues and treatment protocols


Cars these days are packed with technology that was unimaginable a decade or two ago, and thanks to digital signage capabilities, so are car showrooms. Digital signage networks wow customers, build excitement and help move cars off the lot by…

  • Replacing static sales posters with multiple messages that pop with video and motion
  • Showing customers personalized options plus details about features and packages
  • Digitally walking potential buyers through multiple vehicles from the comfort of the showroom
  • Eliminating the cost of printing, distributing and hanging showroom advertising
  • Promoting the sale of higher-margin add-ons, from maintenance plans to GAP insurance


Across the entertainment business, digital signage is transforming interactions with customers, adding excitement to the experience and building profit margins for operators. Digital signage at theme parks, museums, movie theaters and other entertainment businesses can…

  • Shorten both perceived and actual wait times at ticket counters or theme park rides
  • Handle ticket sales and convey emergency information
  • Boost revenues through advertising sales
  • Promote sales at gift shops and restaurants
  • Encourage return visits by sharing special promotions or showing movie trailers in the cinema lobby


Digital signage can greatly enhance the guest experience at hotels while boosting the bottom line for the business. A display network in a hotel can…

  • Interactively guide guests to meeting rooms, restaurants, the pool and other amenities
  • Provide concierge services such as tourism advice, show tickets and dinner reservations
  • Allow convention attendees to check event schedules
  • Promote specials and sales at onsite restaurants, shops and theaters
  • Provide high-touch guest services without the labor expense

DOOH / Outdoor

The effectiveness of outdoor advertising has been recognized for many years, but using digital on outdoor displays makes it a whole new medium. Instantaneous updates, rotating messages and eye-popping visuals with motion all come standard with digital outdoor signage, which can…

  • Eliminate the cost of regularly printing, distributing and updating giant signage
  • Change messages every few seconds, with multiple advertisers rotating slots on one board
  • Automatically vary messages by time of day, day of the week, even the temperature outside
  • Let advertisers instantly vary certain programming (for example, a board advertising local TV news can promote tonight’s top story).


These days, shoppers expect a state-of-the-art shopping experience. Retail digital signage gives stores an edge over the competition, helping to increase revenue while keeping costs under control.

  • Drive consistent brand image
  • Point-of-Purchase promotions
  • Reduce print costs, leverage co-op dollars
  • Visually attract passersby
  • Engage with customers through technology of their choice, tablet, mobile , etc.

Other Industries

There are many other industries that can benefit of DISI EASY. If your industry isn’t listed here, contact us. We’ll be happy to give you examples of how we’ve helped companies similar to yours achieve success with digital signage.


We created different plans and subscriptions for the end user in order to have the flexibility to use the platform for a limited time, or decide to buy the solution for a lifetime. All subscriptions come with an online technical support during working hours (9 – 18) (Mon – Fry).

Set Top Box

Devices Description Monthly Rent Yearly Rent Buy
 android slim Android STB Device ‘X2’ Slim  (1 unit + 1 remote control) 990 THB* 3,500 THB* 4,500 THB
 android stick Smart Box ‘X2’ Stick 590 THB* 1,990 THB* 2,990 THB

* After 1 year rental device returning of the device is not requested.




1 Week

Rent the entire equipment for one week! No additional charges or hardware required.


Android based Set-Top Box compatible with multiple devices.


We will be there to Setup and Assist you through the entire process.

Full Privileged Premium Plan @ 8,000 THB/Week

Platform Plans

  • Android STB Device (optional)
  • Set Product Image
  • Set Product Title
  • Set Product Description
  • Set Product Price
  • Set Product Type Icon
  • Custom Product Type Icon 3
  • Slider Page Display
  • List Page Display
  • Call To Book (smartphone only)
  • Product Images creation 3
  • Page Customization 3
  • Excel File Customization 3
  • Free Platform Updates
  • Number of products allowed
    ฿1,500/ mth
    • Android STB Device (optional):See table STB
    • Yearly Plan 1 10,000 THB
    • Monthly Plan 1 1,500 THB
    • Lifetime 2 20,000 THB
    • Additional Excel File 4 5,000 THB
    • Set Product Image
    • Set Product Title
    • Set Product Description
    • Set Product Price
    • Set Product Type Icon
    • Custom Product Type Icons 3:
    • Slider Page Display
    • List Page Display
    • Call To Book (smartphone only)
    • Product Images creation 3
    • Page Customization 3
    • Excel File Customization 3
    • Free Platform Updates & Upgrade 3
    • Number of products allowed 3: 15
    ฿3,000/ mth
    • Android STB Device (optional): See table STB
    • Yearly Plan1 25,000 THB
    • Monthly Plan 1 3,000 THB
    • Lifetime2 50,000 THB
    • Additional Excel File4 10,000 THB
    • Set Product Image
    • Set Product Title
    • Set Product Description
    • Set Product Price
    • Set Product Type Icon
    • Custom Product Type Icons3: 10
    • Slider Page Display
    • List Page Display
    • Call to Book[Smartphones Only]
    • Product Images creation3
    • Page Customization3
    • Excel File Customization3
    • Free Platform Updates & Upgrades3
    • Number of products allowed3: Unlimited

            1 Application will be hosted on our web server.             2 Application can be hosted on customer web server (if any and if Linux server)             3 Service is included in platform setup and installation, it’s not intended lifetime.             4 The platform includes one single excel file, additional excel files are calculated as add-ons.             All prices VAT not included

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between DISI Easy and other Digital Signage Solutions?
The difference is in the name…EASY. Our platform do not require any special skill to be used, no logins on the website, no profiles and no passwords. You can manage your campaign easily and securely with an excel editor from everywhere in the world.  Just open the file, add or change the content, save it. EASY!

How can I change my images and advertisements?
You just need to edit the provided excel file, adding the description of your products and providing the image link. Save the file. How to display the products in a stunning way, it’s our responsibility.

How many Excel files can I manage?
With the Plan purchased, you can manage one single file excel included in the subscription. If you want to add multiple files you can add the option for an additional file management.

Can I manage multi locations adv?
Yes. If you may need to display your advertisement campaign in different location you can simply use the same public address. If you wish to display different contents, you may need to purchase an additional file excel management option.

Do I need the Set Top Box?
If you wish to display your products on your indoor TV or monitor and the device does not have a compatible web browser, you need to purchase our Android Set Top Box (Slim or USB) in order to transform your TV into a Smart TV. If you already have a smart TV, the STB is not necessary.

What if I want to change plans?
You can change plans anytime, both up and down.

Are there any additional fees or hidden costs?
No. You only pay the monthly amount of the plan you subscribed to. Only if you require special customisations or adding an extra excel file your bill may change.

What types of payments do you accept?
We accept payments with Bank Transfer and in the future PayPal.

Will this be the price I pay forever and ever?
Probably not. We reserve the right to annually adjust our prices. We’ll be sure to announce these adjustments a couple of weeks beforehand, so that you have plenty of time to change or cancel your subscription if you are not comfortable with the new prices.

More questions?
Feel free to ask us anytime at


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Full Privileged Premium Plan @ 8,000 THB/Week